What’s The Point Of Studying?

Economics and Administrative Sciences

  • Economics

    With your bachelor's degree in Economics, you will be able to find rewarding employment opportunities in private sector, particularly in finance and auditing firms and banks. In addition to the public institutions in Turkey, you will also have job opportunities in international organizations, such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund. If you wish, you can also work as an academic after completing your graduate studies.

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  • Business Administration

    A degree in Business Administration, which is a multidisciplinary field, will open the door for graduates to pursue a wide range of careers. You can work in advertising, product or brand management, human resources, marketing, purchasing, production planning, information systems and finance departments of companies. With a Business Administration degree, you can also go into banking, or you can work as auditors, specialists, and researchers or portfolio managers at intermediary institutions in the finance sector. As a graduate of Business Administration, you can use your knowledge and expertise as entrepreneurs. In addition, you can undertake master's and doctoral studies in one of the sub-fields of Business Administration if you choose to pursue an academic career.

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  • Political Science and International Relations

    As a graduate of Political Science and International Relations, you will have a wide array of career opportunities in ministries, banks, insurance companies, national and international companies, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and online and print media organizations.

    You can also serve in undersecretary positions. In addition, you can undertake master's and doctoral studies in any field of social sciences if you choose to pursue an academic career.

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Faculty of Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

    With your bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, you will find career opportunities in companies that produce software, information technology centers and software development centers of organizations of different size, or of government institutions, companies that make innovation a part of their culture and processes, and research and development centers. You can also work at universities and research centers taking on duties in the development of innovative solutions and in companies that produce and sell computer technology or smart systems.

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  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    There are numerous employment opportunities available for graduates of the METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in a variety of positions at the national and international levels in both public and private sectors. You will have the opportunity to succeed in a variety of career paths that suit your interests and abilities since graduates of this department are in high demand for positions ranging from research and development to project management, and from production to sales. If you wish, you can also work at various universities and research institutions after completing your master's and doctoral studies.

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  • Aerospace Engineering

    As a graduate of Aerospace Engineering, which is a new and rapidly growing field, you will have employment opportunities in organizations such as TAI, TEI, ROKETSAN and in public institutions, Ministry of Transport and Undersecretariat of Defense Industry in particular. Graduates of this department are also highly preferred by the rapidly increasing number of research and development organizations focusing on defense industry and by private sector companies focusing on design, analysis and production in the field of aviation. In addition, you can get job opportunities in various industries which include engineering technology, such as the automotive sector or the white goods sector. Remember that the defense industry, which has grown thanks to the large-budget projects administered recently, offers a wide variety of rewarding career paths to graduates of this department. If you wish, you can pursue an academic career by gaining your master's and doctoral degrees.

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  • Civil Engineering

    As a graduate of Civil Engineering, you will find yourself qualified to work as a resident engineer in private companies. A bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering will also prepare you for employment opportunities with private organizations and public institutions where you will be responsible for planning and overseeing different construction efforts. Graduates of the METU Civil Engineering Department are, by virtue of their English proficiency, often assigned to international construction sites by firms. With your degree in Civil Engineering, you can specialize as building inspection engineer or occupational health and safety specialist, you can assess seismic resistance of buildings for insurance companies or work in positions such as specialists and inspectors in public institutions. Graduates of this department also have the opportunity to set up their own firms in the fields of project development, construction supervision and in the contracting business or to pursue an academic career.

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  • Chemical Engineering

    After earning a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, you will have the opportunity to find employment in a diverse range of sectors. Work experience is often available in competitive companies operating in the fields of paint and dye, cement, food and drink, advanced materials and nanotechnology, chemicals, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, defense, cleaning, fuel and energy, design, project design and implementation. Many of the METU Chemical Engineering graduates work as top level executives in the late stages of their careers. In addition, you can pursue an academic career after gaining your master's and doctoral degrees if you wish.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    When you graduate from the Mechanical Engineering Department, you will be able to find many employment opportunities in different fields including project and design, research and development, production, construction and montage, management, organization, computer applications, operation and maintenance-repair both in the country and abroad. You can have job opportunities in positions such as Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, R&D Engineer, System Engineer, Production Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Mechatronic Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Planning Engineer, Project Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer in government agencies and private companies. In addition, you can pursue an academic career after gaining your master's and doctoral degrees if you wish.

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  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

    With a bachelor's degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, you will find employment opportunities in both national and international petroleum, natural gas, pipeline transportation, drilling and geothermal energy companies. In addition, you can work in the companies such as the Turkish Petroleum Corporation and Turkish Pipeline Transportation Corporation, under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and in the rapidly growing sector of LPG. If you wish, you can pursue an academic career after gaining your master's and doctoral degrees.

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Educational and Humanities Undergraduate Programs

  • English Language Teaching

    METU English Language Teaching graduates are highly preferred by a variety of institutions. When you graduate from this program, you can work as an English teacher at schools of all levels or as an instructor at universities. In addition, you may also be offered opportunities to work as curriculum, teaching materials development or assessment and evaluation specialists. Our graduates can also find jobs in the fields that require advanced English skills such as translation, editing, public relations, and human resources. If you wish to become an academic, you can choose to pursue further study in English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Literature or one of the many fields of social sciences.

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  • Psychology

    As a graduate of Psychology, you can work in a diverse range of positions in public and private sectors and at universities depending on your level of expertise. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research centers, the field of advertising and public relations, educational units and research and development departments of various institutions, psychological counseling centers, kindergartens, prisons, rest homes, rehabilitation centers and psycho-technical evaluation centers all offer a wealth of career opportunities that suit your strengths and interests.

    Psychology Web Site

  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling

    As a graduate of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, you can pursue a career as a psychological counselor or guidance teacher at educational institutions and psychological counseling centers of universities. In addition, you can also get career opportunities in a wide range of institutions and organizations that provide mental health services and in the field of human resources.

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