METU owes its success to its graduates who have strived to make METU a prominent institution recognized worldwide. As METU Northern Cyprus Campus, our motto was "The world needs more METU graduates!" when we started our journey in 2003. The Campus has produced nearly 2,000 graduates so far. Our graduates are the greatest indicators of the transformative power of METU culture. METU Northern Cyprus Campus graduates start their careers after being awarded their METU diplomas at the graduation ceremony held at METU.

83% of METU Cyprus graduates find employment within the first 6 months after graduation. Our graduates are currently working in prestigious organizations in five continents or continuing their postgraduate studies in reputable universities.

20% of our graduates live outside Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

Worldwide achievements of METU Northern Cyprus graduates, of whom we keep track via our graduate information system, bring honor to METU. Today, the graduates of our campus work in the most competitive companies of the field such as Apple, Google, Huawei, Aselsan, IBM, Amazon, Siemens, Samsung, Pepsi, Intel, Bosch, and UBER.