Alumni Stories

  • Muhammed Bilal Mufti- Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)- 2019

    Muhammed Bilal Mufti

    After graduating from high school, I attended METU Cyprus where I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering for four years. I chose to attend METU NCC because I was particularly impressed by the prestige of the University and its reputation. In my department, the tenure process, which involved a lot of hard work, was not easy at all for me. The amount of workload was always more than a person could handle. What seemed diffucult at first proved to be beneficial for the future. It is due to this routine of multi-tasking that we learned how to meet multiple deadlines in a short span, and this experience helped us to develop time-management skills. The professors helped in every way possible and shared their experiences, which guided us along our career paths.
    Thanks to the experience I have gained at this university, now I am employed as an application engineer at Avanceon, one of the largest automation companies in the Middle East. I hope my story inspires the future graduates and students.

    • Ismail Morsy- Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering(PNGE)- 2018

      Ismail Morsy

      My name is Ismail Morsy and I am a graduate of the PNGE department of METU NCC, Class of 2018. I always look back at my time at METU NCC and feel like this was a time that has shaped me into a more responsible and mature human being. I currently work in the downstream sector of Total, as a Technical Trainer for employees of their Retail Network.
      Looking back at my university years, I really appreciate all the challenges and different experiences I have been through. It sometimes feels like a really huge load to carry, but the environment there is something special. You get to meet people from different nationalities and live in a diverse community with an abundance of available activities for you to do. Also one of the most important and beneficial things you get from METU NCC is the professor to student ratio, which is unlike many other schools. You can rest assured that the professors will know you by name and you will be able to visit them at the office to ask them about anything you want, and this is a huge plus that you will only find at this school.
      I definitely came out of METU NCC as a much more motivated and outgoing person ready to take on any challenges and I will always be grateful for my university years for making me the person I am today.

      • AbdelRahman Lebzo- Aerospace Engineering (ASE)- 2019

        AbdelRahman Lebzo

        My name is AbdelRahman Lebzo, and I am a graduate of the Aerospace Engineering Program, METU NCC. I graduated as a high honor student and was able to receive a Merit scholarship in multiple consecutive semesters. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree at METU Ankara in Engineering Management.
        When I finished high school, studying abroad was the most appropriate option since I was so decisive to study Aerospace Engineering and this department was still so fresh in my home country. From this point on, I started looking for universities in the region that teach this major, so I found METU. When I saw how well METU stands out among the best universities in the region, I knew that METU will be the right choice for me. And since that day the journey has started and came to an end by the spring of 2019.
        When I look back at the level of education that I gained from METU, I can be nothing but thankful to all the professors and staff of METU NCC who made these four years fruitful and enjoyable. The journey is tough especially if you are after completing it in four years, but with the help of the professors and the students of METU, it was eased up and I found out that with dedication and hard work everything is possible. Also, I met some of the greatest individuals of METU, who are very close to me right now, and due to the fact that I lived in dorms, I was able to build really strong connections with them. So all in all, I can say that my years at METU were so beneficial to me from both the educational and personal stand points, and I can be nothing but thankful for all the individuals who made this journey possible.

        • Asad Tahir- Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2017

          Asad Tahir

          The B.Sc. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus has been designed efficiently and in a way that greatly enhanced my understanding of complex upstream operations (exploration, development and production) along with the ability to work closely as a team, especially on limited-time based projects, and to illustrate the mandatory observations made. At the very same time, it provided me an opportunity to retain effective communication and time management skills, required to fulfill the highlighted duties, responsibilities and accountabilities while keeping up with the developments in the field of science and technology.
          Actively, I am working as a Drilling Engineer in Pakistan Oilfields Limited, Pakistan. The interaction with the professional engineers has not only enlightened me with their personal experiences but also polished my technical knowledge of the appropriate equipment which they were making use of.
          I realize that the standards of an organization depend entirely on the quality of its work force. Every single employee has a huge responsibility to fulfill. If anything goes wrong by mistake, the whole operation may have to stop and this may cost a lot in terms of both time and money. Hence, if I relate what I learnt back at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus with what I am doing right now, I surely see myself as very much experimental and practical kind of a person who is always ready to take on challenges and to learn new things.

          • Elnura Alizada- Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2014

            Elnura Alizada

            To be honest, I didn't know about METU NCC. I had applied only to the campus in Ankara. Once I realized there was another campus, which is smaller, I applied for the NCC as well. Although I was accepted into both campuses, I'm so glad that I chose the NCC for many reasons but mainly because it's a small campus and everyone becomes members of your family after a while. I really appreciate that. Even though I was a third culture kid, it was hard for me as a 16-year-old at university. Classrooms were only a few minutes away from the dorms, too! If you were stuck, needed help or guidance, all you needed to do was to take a 5-minute walk and knock on the professor's doors.
            After my graduation, I worked in both international operator and service companies in the industry such as BP and SLB as a reservoir and completion field engineer. I'm currently working as a Senior Reservoir Engineer. As I worked, I did my master's in Petroleum Engineering in Heriot Watt, one of the top universities in the world with strong links to petroleum industry, on full scholarship.
            I am very thankful for METU NCC. I was so used to the fast paced environment and challenges that even after I graduated, I continued to challenge myself and never settled for less. I worked 12-hour night shifts in the middle of the sea and still attended my classes online after my shifts. I worked and gained experience both in the field and in the office while also continuing my education.

            • Abdykerim Erikov- Computer Engineering (CNG)- 2015

              Abdykerim Erikov

              My name is Abdykerim Erikov and I come from Kyrgyzstan. I graduated from METU NCC in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, and afterwards obtained a Master's degree at TU Munich, Germany. Currently I work as a Unity Developer with a passion for games/VR/gamified experience and similar apps.
              The institution has well-equipped and modern facilities to satisfy all student needs. It also offers a top quality and up-to-date education in relatively small-sized classes. That way a student has an opportunity to establish a connection with highly qualified professors and academic staff who are easily accessible even outside of class. The curriculum is interesting and broad; a student learns a wide range of fundamental topics in computer engineering. In retrospect, I can confidently say the foundation that I obtained at METU NCC is very solid, and it has prepared me for my further studies and career.
              Furthermore, during my time at METU NCC, I enjoyed a lot of extracurricular activities including gym and sports facilities sessions, swimming pool activities as well as the close-knit community on campus and various organized events, etc. Overall, I have very fond memories of my life in Northern Cyprus. I am glad that I am a part of the METU NCC family.

              • Yasir Thara - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2017

                Yasir Thara

                Ever since I graduated from METU NCC, I have lived in Pakistan. I completed my master's degree at Imperial College London in the UK and am now working in Germany - but if I ever want to relive one part of my life, I want to go back to METU NCC. The Campus, the friendships, the Village of Kalkanli and the classrooms, I miss them all.
                Coming to METU NCC, I wasn't very sure if I made the right choice but from the moment I arrived at the Campus, I was amazed. The social, friendly and multicultural environment removed all my doubts and I was sure I would have a good time there. After completing my bachelor's degree, I was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship for a fully funded master's at one of the most prestigious universities in the world; Imperial College London. All of this would have never been possible without the knowledge I have acquired and the training that I have received in my years of study at METU NCC. I felt really confident during my master's and at no point did I feel that I have lesser knowledge about my field than other students from top universities all around the world. The academic curriculum at METU NCC is parallel to all the top universities and the professors are well-equipped to train us in becoming professionals.
                I will forever be thankful to all the people at METU NCC from the International Office, my professors, my classmates and roommates, my friends and acquaintances because every interaction with these people taught me something and helped me grow. I wish someday, I can go back to METU NCC and have a cup of Turkish 'çay' at Mardo with my closest group of friends: Small Council!

                • Simran Masood - Chemical Engineering (CHME)- 2020

                  Simran Masood

                  Simran Masood -A Graduate of the Chemical Engineering Program:

                  I would like to humbly announce that I've been awarded a fully funded Erasmus Mundus Master's Scholarship to study Decentralized Smart Energy Systems, which is a joint venture of four leading universities across Europe, namely Universitè de Lorraine (France), Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Sweden), Politecnico de Turin (Italy) and Polytechnic University of Catalonia, UPC (Spain). I would like to thank all my professors for their help along the way. I am proud of my accomplishment and really excited to embark on this new journey in my life! I wish the best to all the recent graduates out there!

                  • Saad Yousaf - Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)- 2020

                    Saad Yousaf

                    Saad Yousaf -A Graduate of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program:

                    I am very glad on my admission to McGill University in Canada to pursue a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I actually got admitted to my dream school! Gaining acceptance to your top choice school can be one of the most rewarding moments of your life. I am also awarded a McGill University scholarship to fully cover my tuition fee. I hope that my small story inspires you to move forward with your studies.

                    • Tanner Wambudi Maturi - Civil Engineering (CVE)- 2020

                      Tanner Wambudi Maturi

                      Tanner Wambudi Maturi from Kenya -Northern Cyprus Campus Student Ranks number one at METU

                      When I completed my undergraduate study in Civil Engineering, I was recognized as the top student at METU, on both Ankara and Northern Cyprus campuses. As a high honor student, I was awarded Merit scholarship throughout my study at METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

                      I am so proud of everything I have accomplished. All my hard work has finally paid off and I am ready to step into the future with purpose, vision, passion, and hope. This is now my time to seize the initiative and to build the future that I want. This is my time to take the torch and leave a mark.

                      I have one piece of advice for you: Believe in your dreams.

                      • Syed Ali Saboor Zaidi - Business Administration (BUS)- 2018

                        Syed Ali Saboor Zaidi

                        I'm Syed Ali Saboor Zaidi, graduated on June 2018 from the Business Administration Department.

                        I still remember the first few days in campus, how scared and shocked I was thinking about my future in small campus and totally different culture away from my home and my comfort zone. This did affect my first semester and I scored the lowest GPA among entire semester. However, the time changed, continuous support and efforts of my professor and friends, a family away from home, brought me back on track, I ended up securing first place in the entire Business Administration.

                        Apart from the academia, the place taught me how to live and enjoy my life with limited available resources and how to be a contributing member of a society. Being the member of student social clubs and societies taught me how to be a team player and made me socially active.

                        METU NCC taught me that if one keeps on standing up and moving forward every time he falls, time will come that he'll shine like a sun after the long rainy day.

                        • Yazan Harb - Mechanical Engineering (MECH)- 2017

                          Yazan Harb

                          My name is Yazan Harb, and I am a METU NCC Mechanical Engineering graduate, class of 2017. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies at the University of Warwick in UK, and I would like to say that METU Northern Cyprus Campus has prepared me to be able to tackle my next obstacles. I would also like to mention that during our lifetime we encounter people that stay with us in the long run, and due to the community that METU NCC offers, I was able to meet some incredible individuals and build great solid relationships with people of different cultures, which is why I believe that it offers an exceptional multi-cultural environment. As for the academics point of view, during my four years of undergraduate studies I came across a few modules which I believed were not vital, however, upon the commencement of my MSc studies I immediately realized how important they are as well as the solid foundation that METU NCC builds for its students.

                          So finally I would like to thank the METU NCC academicians for their outstanding job in preparing us for out next objectives, in addition to that I would also like to thank my family for their continuous support not to forget the second family that I was able to build during my undergraduate experience.


                          • Yassin Kissami - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2017

                            Yassin Kissami

                            My name is Yassin Kissami and I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE) in 2017. I am very proud of what I have achieved in METU NCC, on an educational level and personal too.

                            Graduating from the PNGE department was "quiet" a tough task, the exams are difficult, workload is very significant and somedays you feel like packing your bags and going home. These might seem as bad news but they're actually not so bad… This is what anyone should expect in a top-rated Bachelor's Degree in the world today. Good news are, after graduating with Honors I was admitted to many top-rated universities in Europe such as Technical University of Denmark and others to pursue my Master's degree, I am currently working on completing my thesis in Computational Fluid Dynamics to study slug flow in offshore platforms.

                            Before arriving to Denmark, I was honestly worried about the competitiveness in academic programs here since Europe and the United States are more popular for strong educational institutes and programs than elsewhere. But thankfully, things turned out perfectly fine and that's all due to what I have learnt from METU NCC which really prepared me for such exposure and challenges.

                            Finally, I would like to thank all the department Professors who taught me a lot and pushed us to achieve our best. I will always be thankful to them for what I have and what I will achieve in this industry.


                            • Jamila Huseynova - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2014

                              Jamila Huseynova

                              I always say "METU NCC had severely impacted my life in a better way".

                              From the very beginning I was keen on becoming a Petroleum Engineer and METU NCC provided a great foundation for the skills that are necessary for becoming a great and responsible engineer. The best part is that there are lots of technical electives that are provided for students so that one can concentrate on the area he/she is mostly interested in. In addition, the school provides one-to-one connection with the faculty. By studying hard and attending professor's office hours and asking questions, I managed to overcome and understand the most challenging classes. Professors were always letting us know about the internships, conferences, and scholarships and motivated and supported us for all of our ideas and beginnings.

                              I also made lots of friends who became my second family. I graduated in 2014, however, the connection with my college friends and memories about college life still remain. During my senior year, I decided to continue my education and applied for graduate school. I admit that without the support and motivation from the Professors of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program, I would not be able to take such a huge step in my life and pursue my goal. I successfully graduated with a Master's degree from one of the top petroleum engineering universities in the USA, Colorado School of Mines, and right now, I am continuing my education as a Ph.D. student with full scholarship at the same university. METU NCC provided me with a strong technical background and communication skills that allowed me to build a great future for myself.

                              I am thankful to this college as it gave me the freedom to discover where I belonged and what career path I want to take. I am very proud to call myself a METU NCC alumnus and represent this school in the U.S.


                              • Joao Halunhona Makambe - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering - 2014

                                Joao Halunhona Makambe

                                Before introducing myself, I want to say thank you METU NCC family for preparing me for this global competitiveness. I am very proud of being an alumnus of METU NCC.

                                My name is Joao Halunhona "Makambe". I graduated from METU NCC with a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering in June 2014. Three months late, in October 2014, I joined BP as Rig Engineer. Currently, I am still in BP working as Drilling Engineer. My job accountabilities include planning and executing safe, operational and reliable deep water wells. The technical background that I have learnt while in METU has given me a solid foundation for my engineering work. Moreover, working under pressure, making effective presentation, network, and time management are some skills that I have benefited from during my four years in METU and have contributed to my success. These have been reflected in my day to day activity. As a result, I was one of the winners for Technofest "BP world-wide competition for engineers with less than 3 years' experience".

                                I am one of the students who got surprised with the very special environment, nature and markedly international character of METU NCC.  I was lucky for being there and I am sure that, in future, my son will say the same.

                                In the spirit of recognition, I would like to thank the professors of METU NCC, especially from Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering department and English Prep School, for their commitment in delivering word class graduates.


                                • Gliceria Wambui - Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 2016

                                  Gliceria Wambui

                                  My name is Gliceria Wambui, an alumni of METU NCC. I successfully graduated from the electrical and electronics engineering department on the 4thof July 2016.

                                  When I completed my high school studies in Kenya, studying abroad wasn't anything I had thought of at that time. However, at the end of the year 2011, I happened to hear about METU NCC from a friend and was introduced to one of their agents. I did apply for the 2012 intake and luckily got accepted with 100% scholarship. I did take a leap of faith to defer from Nairobi University and see what METU NCC had to offer.

                                  At METU, I found a closely knit family of students, teachers and workers.  The studies were quite tough but really worth it. I couldn't think of a more busy four years of my life than those I spent at METU NCC. The little culture shock I experienced was quickly swept away through the support of my friends and the international students. The professors were very dedicated in their work and always ready to help out. Furthermore, the campus was at an ideal location for one to focus on their studies. I also got the opportunity to be a student assistant at the international students' office for three years and for a few courses in the electrical and electronics engineering department. This experience greatly prepared me for the job market as I gained immense skills and interacted with people from various backgrounds. I can confidently say that:  accepting my offer to join METU NCC, was one of the best decisions I ever made.

                                  I would like to specially thank all the professors from the electrical and electronics engineering department, the international students' office and all my friends who contributed greatly to the person I am today.

                                  In my own words, "If you seek the fulfillment of a lifetime, METU is definitely the perfect answer.


                                  • Abdallah Wahib - Civil Engineering - 2016

                                    Abdallah Wahib

                                    I am Abdallah Wahib, and I have graduated from METU NCC Civil Engineering program in June 2016 with First Honors.

                                    As a person who likes to make his choices based on thorough research, I had to make sure that this was the degree and the university I would want to pursue my studies in. As any typical student, the name and rank of the university played a vital role when I had to make this decision, which METU NCC did well in both terms. Therefore, I was sure that METU NCC is the right place to be academically. However, what worried me was the language barrier and cultural changes. I was not sure if I would easily fit in the society.

                                    When I first arrived at METU NCC, I was heartily welcomed by its administrators and students with open arms. They helped to ease me into their place. My social circle grew larger every day, and in no time, I made many friends who I consider to be one of a kind.

                                    During my third year, I ran for the International Student Association's presidency position and was elected. As well as running many entertainment events and academic seminars, we believed in giving back moral that grew within us in the association. We started several events to benefit charity organizations as well as intra-cultural events that helped in integrating international students with the Turkish-speaking ones. Among the many programs was the "Learn-Teach a Language" program that aimed to provide a medium for our international students to overcome the language barrier.

                                    The amount of opportunities that METU NCC have provided me is substantial. With their highly qualified lecturers, their quality education, and definitely hard work on my side, I was offered the chance to continue my studies at many prestigious universities such as University College London (UCL), of which I have joined to pursue an MSc in Construction Economics and Management.

                                    I am so grateful for the time I have spent at METU NCC. I am grateful for its professors that pushed us to give our best, for its administrative and staff that provided support and the help we needed to ensure our comfort, and for its community that stood as one-hand and acted as a family. METU NCC will forever be a part of us graduates, and we thank you for that!


                                    • Polycarp Ameyo - Civil Engineering - 2016

                                      Polycarp Ameyo

                                      My name is Polycarp Ameyo, an Alumni of METU NCC. Currently working with MIBP Consulting Engineers in Nairobi Kenya as a structural engineering Intern. I joined METU NCC in February 2012 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, and graduated on 31 January 2016. I was introduced to METU through an agent in Starehe Boys Centre and school. Mine was sincerely a personal journey that transformed and empowered me. Giving me a global perspective in addition to nurturing my leadership qualities and equipping me with the best set of engineering skills.  My four years were extremely challenging, yet defining and most fulfilling, a very crucial and critical time in my life. Let me explain this in a few details.

                                      Challenging in the sense that both my parents passed on while I was in campus. That was devastating and a tough time for me to juggle my academics, social life and emotional challenges. METU NCC fraternity, showed me a great aspect of family that left me in awe. The outpouring of good wishes, the support that came from everyone, the administration, faculty and students was overwhelming. The great concern spread across starting from professors to students makes METU NCC a unique campus.

                                      Secondly, the experience was defining for me as it pushed me to my limits. Being a small campus, with modern infrastructure, labs and beautiful aesthetics, METU NCC provides a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. This enhances concentration and allowed me to immerse myself fully in my studies, with the help of a committed faculty that guides you through the process, assigning numerous projects and assignments like they were daily delicious meals. As a student, you are kept on your toes all the time making it easier to handle the real engineering projects in whatever form of complexity, a realization that dawned on me as I started working. I learnt key principles that helped shape my integrity and defined the person I am today.

                                      Lastly METU NCC was a most fulfilling experience that I dearly cherish. Despite all the challenges, I was able to acquire holistic growth on many fronts. I worked as an arts assistant with Ass. Prof Serhat, won several medals in football tournaments and athletics, had an amazing spiritual growth through the bible club, and with ISA planned for a successful first ever African night on campus in Fall semester 2015. I just want to appreciate in a special way my family, the special friendships that were formed in campus, METU NCC staff and faculty for making an impact in my life.

                                      The decision to Join METU NCC was without any reasonable doubt the best. Even as I seek to pursue my master's studies in Germany starting October 2016, I feel heavily indebted to this great institution. The sky is not the limit. NATULENGE JUU (a Starehe motto which translates to Aim High)

                                      • Abdullah Alchihabi - Computer Engineering 2016

                                        Abdullah Alchihabi

                                        METU's first ranked graduate in 2016

                                        Four years ago, I was in the process of applying to undergraduate schools. Back then, I didn't know METU, neither Ankara Campus nor in Northern Cyprus. And by sheer chance, my best friend picked up a brochure of METU NCC from the Turkish Embassy in Dubai, went through it and called me later to tell me that he found a good school. So, we both applied to METU NCC and got accepted. Still, I was not sure whether I should pursue my undergraduate studies at METU NCC or not. As all I knew about the institute was from the research I did on the internet and never in my wildest imagination have I thought I would be studying at a university in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, I decided to enroll and make my decision whether to continue my undergraduate studies at METU NCC or not within the first semester.

                                        I didn't need an entire semester to make my decision. It took me less than a month to know that I would be pursuing the rest of my undergraduate studies here. The quality of education, the atmosphere within the classrooms and the interpersonal relationships between professors and students, were the reasons I decided that this is the place for me to pursue my undergraduate studies. This is the story of how I came here and why I decided to stay. I am pretty sure that each and every one of you has his\her own unique story as well. However, what we all share is the bond this place has built between each and every one of us. We at METU NCC are proud to have been living as a family. This institution did not just provide us with quality education or wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. It has installed, protected and nurtured the values of integrity, equity, tolerance and acceptance of others.

                                        Therefore, in my view, it is our sacred duty not to just use the knowledge and expertise we gained throughout our studies here to build careers for ourselves, but to actually live by those values, to nurture and protect them wherever we go.

                                        In the end, on behalf of myself and all of the graduating students, I would like to thank our parents, instructors, and friends; this would not have been possible if it wasn't for your continuous support.

                                        • Joseph Kim -Political Science and International Relations - 2013

                                          Joseph Kim

                                          Hi, my name is Joseph Kim and I am from South Korea. Yet, for the most part of my life, I grew up in Ukraine and attended an American International school in Kiev, prior to my matriculation to METU NCC. My coming to METU was unexpected, yet one of the best decisions I made in my recent memory. During my senior year of high school, I was contemplating on attending a university in Turkey. Some of my friends were studying in Istanbul and they seemed to convey a positive image of higher education. After my first visit to Istanbul, I fell in love with the Turkey, its beauty, development, and hospitality of the people. Thus, after the series of events, I ended up coming to METU NCC.

                                          METU NCC has shaped me into a person I am in many ways. The beautiful location of the campus, free from the distractions, noises, trends, busyness, and pollution, which characterize cities, enabled me to focus on academics, character development, and spiritual growth. The environment was perfect for contemplation of life. The support and academics at METU NCC was beyond my expectation. The campus caters exceptionally well to its international community, and despite not being able to speak a word of Turkish upon my arrival, I immediately felt home among a family of great and genuine friends, academics, and administrative staff.

                                          As the student of International Relations and Political Science, I was privileged to study under some of the leading bright minds in the region, who spent countless hours outside of class interacting with me, inviting me for lunch, or fellowships. I am forever grateful to professors who planted hope and vision in their students. In high school, I graduated below the average and somewhat despaired. However, thanks to in many ways to inspiring professors, I began to have more confidence in my ability, and graduated as top ranking student of my program. Even after my graduations, I still keep in touch with the academics and staff of the campus who provide their constant support and encouragement.

                                          Currently I am proud to represent METU NCC as I am attending and will be attending master programs at University of London, SOAS and Yale University with a scholarship starting from this fall. Upon my graduation, I envision either pursing a PhD from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania or working for a McKinsey and Company in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

                                          I particularly want to thank several people who were big influences on me in my college days. I thank Mrs. Habibe Mugtaroglu, who enabled me to apply and receive full ride scholarship, provided me with great experience in marketing and working regionally with education institutions and provided constant care for the international students. I thank Dr. Hande Sozer, Dr. Deniz Kilincoglu, Dr. Julian Saurin, Dr. Yonca Ozdemir, and Dr. Cenk Saracoglu for their constant support, mentorship, and inspiration.

                                          • Osama Amjad Abida - Civil Engineering - 2015

                                            Osama Amjad Abida

                                            I am Osama Amjad Abida, a graduate of Civil Engineering, class of 2015. "A small campus that turned out to be a big one" is how I would describe my four year stay at METU NCC. Coming from a very different cultural background compared to that of Cyprus, I was faced with a big cultural shock. This shock, however, was smoothly soothed out by the continuous support from older students, faculty members, and university staff.

                                            As METU NCC's campus is a physically small one, we have a very small student to professor ratio. This only made my education experience a better, more focused, and a higher caliber one. Moreover, due to this very fact, as students, we were able to seek help from professors and teaching assistants any time, without having to set appointments beforehand.

                                            If it was not for METU NCC, I do not think I would be the person I am today, and would not be as ready as I am now to embark on the next stage of my life. THANK YOU, METU NCC!


                                            • Atik Bayraktar - Computer Engineering - -2015

                                              Atik Bayraktar

                                              Hello everyone, I am Atik Bayraktar and I have graduated from the Computer Engineering Program in June, 2015.

                                              From early years up to now, almost all everyday devices that we use have integrated chips and a piece of software which operates the device. In order to build these kind of electrical devices we need engineers. And in future, world will need more engineers like never before! It is a great coincidence for me that I chose this program as it was my childhood dream and now it is very popular.

                                              After all these years of studying, I made a great choice of joining METU NCC family for computer engineering studies. All of my lecturers, professors helped me understand and get the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be a good engineer and succeed to the next level.

                                              For next level, I chose to focus on software related studies as in future software will rise and be much more valuable than the hardware itself. So I am going to start software engineering MSc. in BTH Sweden. To give information about it, across all Europe, Sweden is the best place to live in and study due to its friendly people, nature and system. I believe, I made my second greatest choice to study in here at Blekinge Institute of Technology for MSc. in software engineering.

                                              Therefore, I thank to all of my professors that helped and supported me throughout the years of studying and working on lots of projects. Also thanks to the university itself, providing us the cutting-edge technological devices and great class, study and lab environments in order to get real life experiences. I am happy that I fulfilled my childhood dream in one of the best universities in the world and I am proud to be a part of METU NCC family.


                                              • Noof Abdalla - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2016

                                                Noof Abdalla

                                                I once said it is a small campus but people here have big hearts!

                                                During my 3 years stay in METU-NCC I was faced with several different challenges one of which adapting to the new diverse culture and habitat I was surrounded by. As the days passed, it was very clear that despite where you go if you had good company you will manage to dodge and overcome any obstacle you are faced with. No doubt it was hard in the begging however everyone here was very helpful and friendly. The fact that majority of the university body ( students , faculty and staff ) live on campus made METU-NCC feel like home where we all live together as one big family. On daily basis, it is very likely to meet and greet our professors outside the academic atmosphere, which takes the student professor relationship and connection one step further. In METU-NCC we are lucky for the fact that the student to professor ratio is quite small. We always had the opportunity to meet our professors, ask them what ever questions we had… etc. basically we got to know our professors better.

                                                The fact that the campus was quiet and cozy helped a lot of the students in focusing on their academic achievements. Here in METU-NCC we had the opportunity not only to receive a very prestigious education, but also to sculpt our characters in the best way. The extracurricular activities made different cultures diffuse together into creating a unique unity that only METUans would understand and relate to.

                                                Now when tackling the new stage of my life as a professional petroleum and natural gas engineer makes me reflect on my time in METU-NCC every single day. My time as a student in MTEU-NCC not only made me the engineer I always wanted to be, but also made me a stronger person. Here in METU-NCC I found strength, competence, kindness, and friends for life, family and love.

                                                Every one of the aforementioned supported me, encouraged me, pushed me, and made me the Honor Graduate with BSc in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, and the recipient of the first place in Turkey's international student SPE paper contest.

                                                For that, the simplest thing i can say is a BIG (thank you) all the way from my home town Qatar to METU-NCC and I promise as we all graduates do… we will excel and make our university proud.


                                                • Cavid Nadirov - Business Administration - 2013

                                                  Cavid Nadirov


                                                  My name is Cavid Nadirov and I am an honour graduate of METU NCC BSc in Business Administration Program. First years at METU NCC were not going quite well for me. Being only 16 years old and facing a culture shock, not only affected my academic career but also social life. However, it could not get any longer and it didn't. Small and warm campus gave me a second family consisting of professors, academicians, students and officers. Having boost in my academic and social life, I had one more semester in Ankara where I could be a part of a bigger METU family.

                                                  Today I have co-founded 3 small companies / startups in Azerbaijan and also pursuing my academic career as a master student in MSc in HRM at one of the world top universities, University of Edinburgh. METU NCC and METU Ankara had huge role in what I am today. METU NCC taught me that falling is not an end and it is possible to stand up and reach the top with motivation and help of others. Academically I gained lots of knowledge that are priceless, whereas I am really thankful to my Faculty members and Professors. Being in societies as a board member gave me an opportunity to improve leadership and social abilities. Working as a student assistant was a first successful step into professional life. Dormitory life taught how to deal with everyone in peace and comfort. Ankara campus on the other hand taught me how to live and outshine in a bigger society. Moreover it moved me into entrepreneurship life and let me to enlarge my professional network. At both campuses I stayed healthy with a range of sporting facilities.

                                                  Today as an entrepreneur and as a master Student I am thankful to METU for the inputs I use today.


                                                  • Nigar Ibrahimova - Psychology - 2016

                                                    Nigar Ibrahimova

                                                    I am Nigar Ibrahimova, an alumnus of Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus. I have successfully graduated my Master's program of Political Science and International Relations in June 2013. Currently I hold a position at "Nakhchivanbank" OJSC in Azerbaijan where I deal with the management of Human Resources.

                                                    METU being one of the most prestigious universities requires great efforts and skills to achieve success. Thanks to this principle, I proved myself how a student can manage one's time for studying, yet taking advantage of numerous opportunities offered on our Campus. Consequently, I was able to benefit from extracurricular activities, like starting to learn a new language, participating ISA and Turkish-German Communication Society's events, doing sport, visiting historical places that enabled me to better understanding the history and culture, let alone admiring the amazing sunset and thunderstorm of TRNC – it is unspeakable!

                                                    My year at METU – a unique opportunity to join multicultural environment enabled to meet and experience people from different cultures. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the teaching staff. My supervisor, Dr. Prof. Julian Saurin, would be forever embedded in my memory. His supportive guidance occasioned a massive shift in the way I see the world today. That ensured to reach the perfection as an analyst, with particular emphasis towards one's politically-minded growth. Therefore, I was the first amongst my cohort to successfully defend my thesis and receive the Master of Science degree.

                                                    Coming to METU was the right choice for me. I wish to work and get my next degree at METU Ankara at a later time in order to reach my future and professional goals. Because goals that I pictured to myself are found at METU!

                                                    • Carlos Anderson Domingos - Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)- 2012

                                                      Carlos Anderson Domingos

                                                      I surely miss my university years since day one at work. Waking up very early in the morning, taking a taxi, enduring the traffic jam, attending very long meetings/inductions; the list of things that differ from university years is long. Most times I say to myself: I was happy and I didn't know it. Those were the days at the Centre of the Universe – Kalkanlı, a peaceful place, a place where we METUans made it fun and enjoyable to be at; with dinners in group, barbecues in the jungle, football matches (either playing or watching), students association's activities, and enjoying the sports amenities that the campus has to offer. My name is Carlos Anderson Domingos. I graduated in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering from Middle East Technical University – Northern Cyprus Campus. Currently, I'm employed by BP Angola, working as a Completion Engineer and a Wellsite Drilling Engineer while offshore. My job responsibilities include giving direct support to offshore operations by assisting wellsite leaders and drilling/completion engineers in the main office in Luanda. METU-NCC is capable of delivering graduates with enough technical background to excel in any professional work they engage into. METU-NCC alumni have distinguished themselves as exemplary professionals and leaders in their fields all over the world. These are all a result of a learning environment offered by qualified academics, supported with the modern educational techniques and most advanced educational infrastructure unique to METU-NCC. From my work experience thus far, the contribution of METU – NCC to my education is utterly visible. The benefits I took from the lectures, the summer practice program and the laboratory studies offered by the faculty play an important part in my daily activities at the workplace. It was all accompanied by the great efforts of qualified academics, administrators, and administrative staff. They've always shown great devotion and aimed the best at helping the students prepare for the future. Other things that played an important role in my life, either personally or professionally, were being part of the ISA (International Students Association) and the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers). With the ISA I had the opportunity to socialize and meet people from different countries and cultures, and thus enhance my interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the ability to appreciate diverse cultures. With the SPE, I started developing my professional competence at an early stage, through seminars and workshops organized by the community. As a matter of fact, I had the opportunity to interact with notable professionals from the Oil Industry, and thus acquire technical knowledge concerning exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. To be a METU – NCC graduate is priceless. Yet, to get the diploma, one has to strive and commit him/herself into that. Being a METUan is a lifestyle, which necessitates patience, hard work, courage and dedication, and yet fun to relieve the stress.

                                                      • Janani Gamage - Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES) Master's program - 2013

                                                        Janani Gamage

                                                        I am Kumudu Janani Gamage and I have graduated from Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES) Master's program in August 2014. In my experience, SEES master program is a great interdisciplinary program which fits with any student, holding Bachelor degree in Science as I am also a Mathematician. SEES master degree program of METU-NCC provides teaching assistantship positions and tuition fee waiver scholarship to the master students and I am proud to be the first and only student so far who was able obtain a full tuition fee waiver scholarship and have successfully graduated with the highest GPA.

                                                        When I graduated from my home country ( University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka) as a mathematician,I was wondering how to contribute my knowledge on Mathematics to protect the environment and do something to reduce the global climate change. I recommend SEES program to any student who loves environment or the world to join the program as this the best place to start or do something to change the world. The dormitory environment and the campus itself provide a very calm and quiet place to study and initiate new ideas.

                                                        I will continue my PhD studies in computational mathematics and I am sure that the knowledge and the experience I gained from the SEES program will be helpful in my future studies and the career.


                                                        • Musbaudeen O. Bambopa - Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES) Master's program - 2011

                                                          Musbaudeen O. Bambopa

                                                          I am Musbaudeen Oladiran Bamgbopa, an alumnus of Middle East Technical University – Northern Cyprus Campus (METU-NCC), where I successfully graduated from the Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES) Master's program in May 2010. I am proud to be the pioneer graduate student product of METU-NCC and honored to fly my country's flag high as the only Nigerian graduate of the university so far.

                                                          Following community service commitments to my home country under the National Youth Service Corp, I am currently a researcher at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi – UAE, where I am working on electrochemical energy storage systems towards a doctorate degree. I must say, the inter-cultural experience at METU-NCC has really been helpful in my international working community. Following my switch a research field new to me, I discovered the interdisciplinary approach of the SEES program readily prepares graduates to take up such tasks in energy and environmental issues facing this contemporary global village.

                                                          From my work experiences so far, I believe engineering graduates of METU-NCC have the adequate technical background to excel in any professional practice, research or academic industry they may find themselves in. The onus is on them to discover their strongest points and passions so they can keep rising to greater heights professionally. Acquiring some industrial training during studies is highly beneficial towards later career advancement.

                                                          With much good memories from my time on the hills of Kalkanli – Guzelyurt, I implore the authorities at METU-NCC to uphold the international community/demographic and to continue to promote research ventures which are directly applicable and deplorable to solve immediate societal problems or inculcated in policy developments.



                                                          • Shariq Isak - Electrical & Electronics Engineering - 2011

                                                            Shariq Isak

                                                            My name is Shariq Isak, a graduate of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, from METU Northern Cyprus Campus, class of 2011. I am currently working as a Senior Engineer at IFSS Group, Kenya, where I deal with Security and Building Automation for large scale and infrastructure projects.

                                                            I chose METU NCC because of its worldwide renowned standards in education. True to its reputation, METU NCC is a world class university, with great teachers, modern facilities and a vibrant student body. The small size of classes provide an ideal environment for studying, as the professors are able to spend enough time with each student on a one to one basis, and develop a mentor relationship, which will stay with you all through your career. Make no mistake, METU NCC is hard work, however there are lots of social activities that provide a fulfilling experience for all the students. There are some societies for students to join and socialize, such as International Students Association, Theatre Club , Music Club, Dance Club, Sports Society, just a few of examples. In addition, one gets to study in a warm Mediterranean island with scenic views, and the unmistakable Turkish hospitality. There are students and professors from all around the world, making it an international university with a chance to learn and appreciate cultures from a multitude of countries. It is truly an experience of a lifetime.

                                                            Where ever you go in the world, from boardrooms to research centers, from factories to construction sites, one thing is standard, METU NCC graduates stand out!


                                                            • Egas Duarte - Chemical Engineering - 2012

                                                              Egas Duarte

                                                              I am Egas Duarte, a Chemical Engineering graduate from Middle East Technical University-Northern Cyprus Campus, class of 2012. I'm currently employed as a Challenger Process Engineer at BP Angola in the Area Engineer Support Team, where I give support to the daily operations offshore. I'm very proud to be part of METU NCC graduate family and happy that the quality of education provided by METU is satisfying for anyone to get a job anywhere s/he wants; at the time I was there, I was not aware of that. With its great faculty, high tech labs and modern facilities, METU gave me a high quality education. I would say that I was lucky to study at a University where professors have a good rapport with their students and students have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge to practice through laboratory experiments, extra projects and summer practice that the school provides.

                                                              "During my study at METU NCC, I spent the best years of my life" (Fernando Elunda). The first time I stepped in METU NCC, I felt myself in the middle of nowhere and wanted to go back home immediately; however, I found out a way to make the place interesting. I believe that people make the place. Being part of the student associations, such as ISA (International Students Association), SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and Clean Process Society, I learned a lot and made good friends in these societies.

                                                              The METU NCC faculty has been a valuable source for me. Thanks to "Resources" of Dhawal Shah, "Thermodynamics" of İsmail Tosun and "Design Process" taught by Turker Gurkan, I made myself a chemical engineer.


                                                              • Ajay Pinjani - Political Science and International Relations - 2009

                                                                Ajay Pinjani

                                                                I have recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in "Political Science and International Relations" from Middle East Technical University (Northern Cyprus Campus). Studying here has been a stimulating experience of my life. Due to its captivating course curriculum and a vibrant diversity of professors belonging to various parts of the world, students here are enriched with a broad set of global issues and unbiased opinions. An interesting aspect about this campus is its unique location; situated at a hill station, it brings a person very close to the nature itself. Though distant from the physical world yet mindfully connected via education and internet, it allows the student to explore within and find inventive methods to combat the momentous nature of issues we face today. One of the many delightful experiences I encountered was being an integral part of International Students" Association. Being the president of ISA for 2 years, it allowed me to enhance my leadership qualities, as well as, helped me develop my mediation and communication skills and has improved my ability to recognize and appreciate diverse cultures in general and those that are represented at METU NCC in particular. Apart from this, METU NCC encourages many other extracurricular activities, be it dance, theatre or sports. Furthermore I was very fortunate to study at Boston University for one semester through the student exchange program embodied by this campus with other prestigious universities around the world. Adding to the umpteen precious moments I enjoyed, most of all, I appreciate getting close to the Turkish and Cypriot culture and its hospitable citizens who made me feel like a part of their family. As a recent graduate, I believe I am now well equipped for venturing the unknown, thanks to the enriching undergraduate study offered at METU NCC.

                                                                • Khizar Hayat - Electrical & Electronics Engineering - 2010

                                                                  Khizar Hayat

                                                                  "You live in a resort", said Mehmet who came to visit me at METU NCC. He was not entirely wrong. The beautiful view of snow covered Trodos Mountains, the hilly terrain and the green valleys of Guzelyurt and a breathtaking view of Mediterranean Sea made the campus look like a resort. What Mehmet was overlooking was the amount of passionate and dedicated work the professors, the students and the METU community put in every day. The well-earned prestige of METU is a result of these efforts.

                                                                  My name is Khizar Hayat. I graduated from METU NCC in 2010 after completing by bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. My experience at METU including the courses, projects, labs, seminars and research equipped me with the technical know-how and the confidence to pursue research and/or any career path in EEE. Because of my background, research interests and nice recommendations from my professors, I received KAUST Discovery scholarship for my graduate studies when I was in third year at METU. Now after finishing my masters at KAUST, I am starting my career in renewable energy at Saudi ARAMCO.

                                                                  Apart from the technical development, I experienced tremendous personal growth at METU. The discussions with the professors, colleagues and friends altered the way I see the world. The social aspect of life at METU NCC cannot be overlooked. Because the community is very warm and friendly, almost everyone knows each other on campus. I am still in contact with not only the classmates but even the staff at METU. The friendship is everlasting. The jokes, events, activities, picnics, cultural nights and gatherings made the whole journey at METU NCC a very fun, fascinating and memorable one.

                                                                  If you are looking for high quality education, remarkable personal growth, warm Turkish hospitality, exciting social life, modern campus, friendly multicultural environment, enjoyable extracurricular activities and a future full of opportunities; METU is the first and the last resort!