Research Center and Laboratories

The primary fields of research at METU Northern Cyprus Campus are informatics, energy and environment, modern agriculture, and security. The Campus is home to the METU Center for Sustainability, which has been conducting research through interdisciplinary collaboration in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, water resources, intelligent systems, advanced materials, sustainable business and consumption. The current agenda of the Campus includes the greatest challenges facing the engineering sector in the 21st century, communication, language and educational sciences, social psychology, and related economic analyses and business models. Below is a list of the currently available modern laboratories of the Campus, where educational activities and applied R&D activities are carried out:

Name of the Laboratory
   General Computer  Laboratories
    Computing, Network and Simulation Laboratory 
    Physics Laboratory (Mechanics)
    Physics Laboratory (Electricity - Magnetism)
    Electrical Circuits and Electronics Laboratory
    Microprocessors and Embedded Systems Laboratory
    Logic Design Laboratory
    Electrical Machines Laboratory
    Power Electronics Laboratory
    Radio Frequency and Telecommunications Laboratory
    Energy Systems Laboratory
    General Chemistry Laboratory
    Organic Chemistry Laboratory
    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
    Physical Chemistry Laboratory
    Organic Synthesis Research Laboratory
    Construction Materials Laboratory
    Surveying Laboratory
    Hydromechanics Laboratory 
    Structural and Earthquake Engineering  Laboratory
    Soil Mechanics Laboratory
    Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory
    Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory
    Machine Shop and Production Technologies Laboratory
    Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics Laboratory
    Materials Testing Laboratory
    Fluid Mechanics and Aerospace Laboratory
    Welding Technologies Laboratory
    Biomechanics Laboratory
    Energy Conversion Systems Laboratory
    Unit Operations and Unit Processes Laboratory
    General Geology Laboratory
  Core preparation Laboratory
   Drilling Fluids Laboratory 
   Reservoir Fluid Properties Laboratory
   Reservoir Basic Rock Properties Laboratory
   Special Core Analysis Laboratory (SCAL)
   Well Logging Application Laboratory
   EOR and Core Displacement Laboratory
   Multi Phase Flow (Production) Laboratory
 Digital Systems Design
 Electronics Laboratory
  High performance computer laboratory
 Geotechnical Laboratory 
 Chemical Engineering Research Lab.

Kalkanlı Technology Valley (ODTÜ KALTEV) will be in operation during the new strategic period and will lead the efforts to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Northern Cyprus, focusing on technology production. ODTÜ KALTEV aims to build a productive network, which offers the academic expertise of METU, and to provide opportunities for the other stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to create value-added products in research priority areas by utilizing this expertise.