Qualified Faculty

198 Teaching Staff

1 Instructor per 15 Students

Outstanding METU faculty members who have internationally recognized academic qualifications teach at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Recruitment process for new faculty members is based on high academic standards and regulations that govern METU.

METU Northern Cyprus Campus encourages freethinking and inquisitiveness in students by providing them with smaller classes that are conducive to enhanced student-faculty interaction. METU's educational philosophy is to cultivate analytical reasoning, personal and field-specific knowledge and skills, self-confidence, sense of responsibility and leadership qualities. English is the language of instruction at METU.

METU faculty are required to have obtained a PhD degree from one of the universities with the highest level of international recognition or to have worked at such universities abroad for a minimum of two semesters as a post-doctoral researcher. By implementing this policy for many years, METU has aimed to prevent academic inbreeding, which is known as one of the factors that have a negative impact on academic productivity and scientific success.