Students’ Testimonials

Thraiye Seif Hemed (Tanzania): Competitive education system, yet the tension is impeccably neutralized by the campus' serene surroundings and the benevolence of a supportive staff. Coming to METU NCC is a decision I always Appreciate.
Turki Hassan Basamah (Yemen): I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at METU NCC. The thing I admire the most about METU NCC is the friendly atmosphere here and the fact that the teachers are very caring and interested in students' well-being.
Afnan Ali (Sudan): I wish our world would be a replica of METU, where racism and other forms of discrimation has no place and only beauty exists. Beauty in being different beauty in exploration both personal and academic. It is in this beauty that metu brings us together as one big Family.
Loussine Moussa (Lebanon): METU NCC does not only teach you to succeed in the major you have chosen, it also teaches you to succeed in life, turn your dreams into reality, and make life-changing decisions with great confidence in yourself. It is also the place to grow as an individual."
Kemran Karimov Kemran Karimov (Kazakhstan): "METU is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and is leading university in Turkey. Therefore, it provides a key to a bright academic future. Apart from high academic performance, you will experience very friendly international environment."
Derick Kabochi Derick Kabochi (Kenya): "METU NCC gives you a platform to achieve your goals in life and basically gives you that 'International-Learning experience'. From a highly qualified faculty to modern and well-furnished classrooms and dorms. METU NCC is definitely the place to be."
Anastasia Anastasia Dolgopolova (Russia): "In order to make your most important years of building yourself comfortable and interesting, you need to have warm, colorful, peaceful and academically exciting atmosphere around you. METU NCC contains all of it plus amazing, open minded people around you. Great opportunity to teach and to be taught !"
Sharmin Zaman (Bangladesh): "I love the community and environment of METU NCC, its home away from home! "
Vinicius F R de S e Silva (Brazil): "Academic excellence of a world Top 100 University, international faculty, the campus of dreams, affordable tuition. Choosing METU was the smartest decision of my life. "
Ahmed_Kues Ahmed Kues (Libya): "I took my first step to the future the day I joined METU NCC "
Abeer_Jazzar Abeer Jazzar (Jordan): "After doing a tremendous amount of research, I chose METU NCC due to its reputation, value for degree, amazing accommodation and vibrant Students' Union."
Atique Zaman Atique Zaman (Bangladesh): "METU-NCC is an inspiring place, with all its facilities for academic and personal growth."
Ammar_Elbanna Amar ELBANNA (Egypt): "The thing that inspired me to attend METU NCC is that I was having a conversation with a Turkish professor about the universities in turkey and he said that I wish I had a CV with at least an hour of teaching at METU. For me it was like a dream come true studying here"
Lara_Harb Lama Harb (Lebanon): "Anything and everything that you learn in METU NCC will take you far in the future"
 Abdallah_Wahib Abdallah Wahib (Jordan): "I have chosen METU NCC since it combines both of what I was looking for, quality education and a relaxing island lifestyle"
 Abdykerim_Erikov Abdykerim Erikov (Kyrgyzstan): "METU NCC provides a perfect environment for education"
 Gliceria_Wambui_Gatundu Gliceria Wambui GATUNDU (Kenya): "If you seek the fulfillment of a lifetime, METU is definitely the perfect answer"
  Jores_Dongmo Jores Dongmo Nguimatsia (Cameroon): "The brain is like a parachute. All you need is to open and know how to use a parachute when free falling from an elevation to ensure a safe landing. METU NCC has all what it takes to train you on how to open and use your parachute."
 Cvetanka_GJUROVSKA Cvetanka GJUROVSKA (Macedonia): "METU NCC is a place where you broaden your horizons and find yourself"
 Usman_Arshad_Shah Usman Arshad Shah (Pakistan): "Besides the academic excellence, METU NCC offered me a life time experience, the interaction with such a diverse community sculpts ones personality into being an excellent friend, student , and a professional ..  METU NCC .. An environment of true  pioneers"
 AMINA_AKBERDIYEVA AMINA AKBERDIYEVA (Kazakhstan): "METU NCC gave me not only the 100% scholarship, but also confidence about my future. The high-quality education and great experience will help me to succeed in the major I am going to be specialized in"
 IMAG1485 Abukahaer TUERXUN (China): "This is a ideal place for learning. It pushes us to our limits and rebuilds us as better engineers and scientists. It also gives intelligent staff and amazing friends"
 Ananya_Misra Ananya Misra (India): "METU NCC - a wonderful and magical place where happiness never ends! METU offers the best foundation for the path you are about to take."
 Rustam_Alashrafov Rustam Alashrafov (Azerbaijan): "METU NCC gives you all opportunities to enhance your knowledge and prepare yourself for the future career"
 Chahad_Alghabra Chahad AL GHABRA (Syria): "Coming to METU-NCC has been an eye opener. You enjoy the freedom to think, to express yourself and to succeed"
 Rachael_Oluchukwu_NNAJIDEMA Rachael Oluchukwu NNAJIDEMA (Nigeria): "METU NCC is known not only for its great academic opportunities and excellence,but for the conducive academic environment. Coming to METU NCC is a step towards the beginning of a wonderful future."
 Ines_Mechane Ines Mechkane (Tunisia): "METU is a place of light, liberty and learning"
 Mahdy_Dalir Mahdy Hassanzadeh Dalir (Iran): "Learning is a gift, at METU NCC you can get that gift"
 Ibrahim_Sharaf Ibrahim Sharaf (Egypt): "METU doesn't only care about the quality of the academic curriculum of the programs, but also cares about graduating qualified engineers whom will take part in the industrial development."
Mohammed Fadi Anzoroti (Bahrain): "METU NCC is a place where enjoyment and knowledge come together"
Fernando Elunda (Angola): "You are about to live the best four years of life at Our Campus, METU NCC"
Jamila Huseynova (Azerbaijan): "METU NCC is an outstanding university which prepares students for a successful future"
  Alfred Ejiro (Nigeria): "METU NCC epitomizes a perfect learning Institute and provides favorable media for success driven individuals"