Kalkanlı Technology Valley (KALTEV)

Kalkanlı Technology Valley (KALTEV), which will be home to important projects and leading technology companies, is being put into practice in the 13th year of METU Northern Cyprus Campus. By putting this goal into action, the Campus is taking its success regarding academic development one step further. Located on the Northern Cyprus Campus of Middle East Technical University, ODTÜ KALTEV is a technology development zone that is open to researchers, students, entrepreneurs and industrial entities from across the world. The KALTEV facility along with its R&D Complex will be in service in September 2018.

With its research laboratories, pre incubation-incubation-entrepreneurship centers, technology transfer office and with the technology companies involved, ODTÜ KALTEV constitutes a remarkable innovation and R&D ecosystem. ODTÜ KALTEV, in which prominent technology companies from Turkey and all around the world have already expressed interest, is on the way to becoming a leading center of production and employment for the region.