International students are an important and integral part of the University. With small classes and many opportunities for involvement on campus, international students have the chance to intimately learn about Cypriot culture. International Student Office helps international students, provides support for cultural adjustment, and offers opportunities for involvement in the University community. Special programs include an orientation program at the beginning of each semester which introduces new students to the University and its services, to the Turkish system of education, and to the cross-cultural differences they may encounter.

Meet the Staff


habibe Habibe Muhtaroğlu Director +90 (392) 661 2106
berya Berya Ardal Marketing +90 (392) 661 2110
sinan Anas Alqdmany Marketing +90 (392) 661 2109
umut Umut Avare International Admission Officer +90 (392) 661 2104