A. Passport - Visa - Health and Insurance Issues:

Do the students need their passports or ID cards to enter the TRNC?

Since the 2005-2006 Academic Year, students who will study in the TRNC must enter the TRNC with their passports. Therefore, they should have their passports when traveling to TRNC.

Is a medical report required? What is the content of a medical report?

According to the regulations of the TRNC Ministry of Health, starting from 2005-2006 Academic Year, students who study in Northern Cyprus are required to submit their health reports. The report including the results of tests for tuberculosis (PPT) and HIV should be taken from full-fledged specialty hospitals connected to Turkish Ministry of Health or university hospitals or from laboratories approved by the TRNC. This report should be submitted after the registration to avoid any problems related to the status and residence permits of students. Medical reports shall not be re-done every year. The University will assist students in obtaining this report providing that the student follows the instructions given by the student support officer.

What is required to get a TRNC driving license?

Documents Required:

Photocopy of ID/Passport

Valid Driving License (translation to English/Turkish may be required)

License fees:

For a two-year license: Approximately £60

For a three-year license: Approximately £80

Contact details:

Cyprus Driving License Office

Phone: (+90) 392 229 07 22

Address: Opposite Haydarpaşa Commercial High School, Lefkoşa

Working Hours: 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-16:00

Are students required to get a visa and a residence permit when they arrive to the TRNC?

It is not required to get a visa to enter TRNC***. We would like to remind you that all flights to Northern Cyprus are connected via Turkey. Therefore, depending upon your nationality, you may need a TRANSIT VISA of Republic of Turkey. You may contact the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate (www.mfa.gov.tr ) to get advice on the TRANSIT VISA requirements, and complete VISA formalities by presenting the letter of acceptance issued by the university.

***Citizens of Pakistan are required to have a visa to enter TRNC. You may contact the nearest TRNC Representative Office (http://international.ncc.metu.edu.tr/immigration-and-residency-updates/ ) to get advice on visa requirements and complete VISA formalities by presenting the letter of acceptance issued by the university.

Students issued with an acceptance letter shall be guided about VISA formalities by the university student support officer before arrival to campus.

Is a health insurance compulsory? How is it obtained?

On METU Northern Cyprus campus there is a Health Center that has been set up to meet the need for primary health care and counselling services. However, in accordance with the laws of the TRNC, non-TRNC students must have a separate health insurance for further health care and purchase of medicine. The annual insurance premium is included in the semester registration fees (100 USD/semester).

Health facilities affiliated with the TRNC Ministry of Health and health services provided to students under this insurance are as follows:

– Emergency services in all hospitals under the Ministry of Health
– All minor and major operations, all materials required in case of hospital inpatient services, and inpatient stays as long as the drug/treatment requires in all hospitals under the Ministry of Health.
– Tooth pulling and filling in all the outpatient services under the Ministry of Health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students whose parents are affiliated with the Pension Fund and/or other social security health systems in their native countries CANNOT use the TRNC health care services for free.

B. Transport and Communications:

How can one travel to the TRNC?

All flights to Northern Cyprus are connected via Turkey. You have to purchase your ticket through Turkey and the final destination is going to be Ercan Airport. It is not possible to travel to campus through any other airport in Cyprus. We recommend that you purchase your ticket with Turkish Airlines as you may not need to get a transit visa for Turkey. Turkish Airlines will connect you to Ercan Airport which means that your luggage will be transferred automatically. To avoid any inconveniences especially for freshman students, please try to travel to campus from the country you are residing in.

How can one get to the Campus?

Taking a taxi from the Ercan Airport is the shortest way to get to the Campus. However, the Campus Directorate arranges transportation for all new students at the beginning of each semester (Fall & Spring) on the condition that they fill the airport pick up form (Instructions in Acceptance letter). In addition, there are other companies that provide transportation from airport to campus. Today, the KIBHAS Bus service is the most preferred way of travel to campus among students.

Please click below link for KIBHAS service time table.
(Reservation is required.)


KIBHAS Phone Numbers: Information Tel:    0392 22 88 590
Fax: 0392 0392 22 88 590
Lefke-Güzelyurt Office Tel: 0533 870 78 49
Ercan Office Tel: 0533 870 78 48; Lefkoşa Office:  0533 870 78 45; Girne Office: 0533 870 78 46
Famagusta Office: 0533 870 78 47

How are mobile phone communication services provided in the TRNC?

It is advised to use a TRNC mobile line in Cyprus since operators charge “International call” rates in the TRNC, which are much more expensive. So students can chose one of the two GSM operators in TRNC: Turkcell Northern Cyprus and Telsim (Vodafone). On campus, there is a Turkcell branch where students can buy a sim card and upload call credits if needed. Also, in case of any emergency at Ercan airport, there are Turkcell and Vodafone offices just outside the exit gates.

C. Campus Location and Facilities:

Where exactly is METU Northern Cyprus Campus?

The Campus is in the Kalkanlı region, which is 50km west of Lefkoşa and 6km north of Güzelyurt. It takes 10 minutes from the Campus to Güzelyurt, and 45 minutes to Lefkoşa and Girne.

Please click link below for detailed map:


What kind of cultural, social, sports and entertainment facilities are there on the campus?

The Campus has the warm and friendly environment of a Mediterranean island that is suitable for international interaction and is rich with various cultural, sports and entertainment facilities. There are outdoor tennis, basketball and volleyball courts on the Campus for the use of students. A sports hall with a variety of indoor sports facilities, an outdoor swimming pool and a carpet football field are also available. In addition, conferences, concerts, film shows, cultural activities organized at the Culture and Convention Center and events organized by student groups and the Spring Festival constitute only part of the campus life.

Where is the nearest shopping center around the campus?

Other than the ones in the Campus and Kalkanlı, the nearest shopping center is in Güzelyurt. However, other shopping locations such as Lefkoşa or Girne are only approximately 30 minutes away.

Are alcoholic drinks sold on Campus?

No alcoholic drinks are sold on Campus and the consumption of alcohol on campus is forbidden.

Does the Campus have a beach by the sea? Is it possible to swim in the sea within the borders of the Campus?

The distance from the Campus to the sea is about 9km and the sea view is available. However, the Campus is not by the sea. People go to private or public beaches to swim in Cyprus. The nearest public beach is 20 minutes away from campus.

Are the Campus conditions suitable for disabled students?

The Campus is a disabled friendly campus and is designed in such a way that allows all the facilities to be used to their maximum potential.

Is there a health center in the Campus for students?

There is a Health Center and a Counseling and Student Development Center on the Campus to provide students with primary health care services.

Are there places to eat where students can meet their nutritional needs?

A 1500-seat cafeteria on the Campus provides various dining options. In addition, there is a patisserie in the shopping center which includes all types of food and beverage. In some campus buildings and dormitories canteens also serve a variety of food.

Is there any shopping center to meet the basic needs of students?

On the Campus, there is a shopping center for the daily needs of both the students and the staff that includes various shops, a supermarket, a bank, a patisserie, a travel agency, ATMs, a post office, a barber, a hairdresser, etc.

Is there Internet connection in the Campus? How can wireless connection be established?

Each room in METU Northern Cyprus Campus dormitories is equipped with network cable ends sufficient for each occupant. Students should install a licensed server certificate and software produced by METU NCC on their computers, make the necessary adjustments, and then enter their METU-assigned passwords at the login page in order to make use of cable internet services. For further information, please visit:  http://netregister.ncc.metu.edu.tr

It is extremely important to not violate the principles of “Information Ethics” adopted by METU NCC for using the internet. For additional information about METU NCC local area network (LAN) infrastructure, on-campus internet use policy, and principles of “Information Ethics”, please click the following link: http://btm.ncc.metu.edu.tr/

Quota is currently set at 5GB per week. However, METU NCC IT (Information Technologies) reserves the right to change the quota limits at any time in order to ensure the optimum possible service for all users. Students are not allowed to exceed the quota limit within the specified time period. In addition to cable internet access, wireless network is available for use in all academic areas, in the library and commonly used areas.

It is possible to make use of wireless internet services via mobile phones upon the instalment of the licensed certificate of METU NCC and completion of necessary adjustments to use the 802.1x protocol. In order to benefit from wireless internet services, you need a mobile phone which is configured properly to be compatible with 802. 1x EAP, TTLS-PAP protocols. Windows 8 does not have support for these protocols.

If you have a Windows 8 phone, you need to purchase a program to upgrade it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use wireless internet services. Please click the following link to see the list of mobile phones that are compatible with METU NCC wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure:  http://netregister.ncc.metu.edu.tr/index2.php

D. Accommodation and Housing:

Do all students in the Campus stay in dormitories or do they have to rent a flat?

There are enough accommodation facilities in the dormitories on the Campus for all new students and it is guaranteed for first 2 years of studies. In addition, students can stay in private dorms or flats in the residential areas around the Campus if they wish to do so.

There are several options for Campus dormitory facilities. In Dormitory I, there are rooms for either two or four students including bedrooms, study rooms and bathrooms. All rooms have air-conditioning, broadband internet access, TV connection, a telephone and a mini fridge. There is a lobby, a TV lounge, a canteen, a laundry and ironing room for common use in Dormitory I building as well as study halls and three kitchens in each of the three blocks, one of which is for girls.

Dormitory II building is designed to include suites where three students stay in single rooms and share a common area of bathroom and study room.  Dormitory II offers the same services and facilities as Dormitory I.

The rooms in Dormitory III are designed to house 4 students as 2+2. Nearly 26-28 students share a common toilet-bath and a kitchen. There are also study rooms on each floor. Dormitory III offers the same services and facilities as Dormitory I and II such as the internet, laundries, cafeterias and lobbies.

For more information including dormitory fees: http://international.ncc.metu.edu.tr/dormitories/

What documents are required to register for the dormitories?

Necessary Certificate for the new students:

– A copy of the student document or the student ID

– 4 photos

– Medical Report copy

– A copy of the passport

Important Note: If some documents are missing, the student will be placed temporarily. Registration of the students who do not submit the missing documents in a given time will not be finalized.

For more information you can send an e-mail to: nccdorms@metu.edu.tr

What are the admission requirements for the dormitories?

All newly registered students who dont have a specific health problem that prevents them from living in the public can stay in the Campus dormitories.

What is found in the dorm rooms? What should be brought by students? Is it necessary to bring a quilt, a pillow and linens?

Dorm rooms contain all the comfort to meet daily needs. Bringing personal belongings is enough. In all the dormitories, beddings are provided to students and dirty beddings are changed with clean ones regularly. The following are advised to be brought by students:

  • A bath set ( hand towels, bath towels, bath slippers )
  • A beach set ( a beach towel, a bathing suit, sunscreen , beach slippers)
  • An alarm clock
  • A small table lamp
  • An adapter (electric sockets in the Campus are of British style, it is recommended that you bring a British-European adapter; however, you can also buy one in the Campus)
  • A charger
  • A small sewing box
  • A bag for dirty clothes
  • Regularly used drugs
  • Small decorative accessories that may make you feel at home, etc.

How is the environment of study in the dormitories?

Each student has a study table in his room and there are also study tables in the common study halls in each dormitory.

When is the registration period for dormitories?

Registration for dormitories will be at the same time as school registration.

How is the security maintained in dormitories?

A private security company provides the security services in dormitories within the framework of METU NCC Student Dormitories Regulations and under the supervision of Dormitories Board of the University administration.

What are the accommodation facilities for parents?

Parents can stay in the Guest House on the Campus. Applications for the Guest House are done only (http://ncc.metu.edu.tr/campus-life/guest-house-reservation-form). Application is not accepted by phone

Are there any casinos around the Campus?

There are no casinos around the Campus. Besides, students, TRNC citizens and people under the age of 25 are forbidden from entering casinos. Continuous passport checks at the entrances also prevent students from entering casinos.

When is the dormitory fee paid and what does it cover?

The dormitory fee must be paid in two equal installments at the beginning of each semester. After the completion of the dormitory placements, the administration announces the placement results and the last payment dates.

The fee covers all the following services needed for a comfortable life:

  • Heating & Cooling
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Daily cleaning and garbage collection
  • A change of bedding every two weeks

What procedure is followed for dormitory placements?

For new students, dormitory placements are done by a computer program according to some criteria such as the students’ scores in the university entrance exam. Senior students are placed according to their preferences as well as to their success in school, their GPA, and their compliance with the existing disciplinary rules in the dormitories.

E. Academic Issues:

Do the students who are admitted to METU Northern Cyprus Campus programs need to be proficient in English?

At METU Northern Cyprus Campus, the medium of education is English. However, proficiency in English is not necessary in order to register. Students must submit the result of an approved English proficiency examination in order to pursue the degree program they are admitted in. Students whose English proficiency is not at the level required by METU NCC are placed in the one-year English Language Preparatory Program.

Please see the acceptable English examinations:


Is English Proficiency Exam difficult in METU Northern Cyprus Campus?

The same English Proficiency Exam as in Ankara is given in METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

What are library and research facilities at METU NCC?

METU NCC offers students the best research and development facilities with the academic units, library and labs available at the Campus. A modern university library that offers research facilities at international standards, the Library provides the students with special passwords that enable them to have access to many international magazines, books and other publications. Modern, exemplary labs exist in the Campus to meet students’ educational needs. Also, when necessary, students can use the specialized labs in the main campus in Ankara.

How academic staff is recruited to METU Northern Cyprus Campus?

Middle East Technical University has mobilized all its resources and 60 years of experience for the success of METU Northern Cyprus Campus. METU NCC is attached to the main campus in Ankara in all academic and administrative affairs. The METU NCC academic staff are recruited and promoted in accordance with the same criteria set forth by METU Senate and Administrative Board.

What kind of a diploma will the students receive when they graduate from METU North Cyprus Campus?

METU guarantees the quality of education at METU NCC and grants an internationally recognized METU NCC diploma to the graduates.

Will METU Northern Cyprus Campus graduates have the same rights as graduates of other universities in Turkey?

As the diploma of METU Northern Cyprus Campus is approved by the HEC (Higher Education Council-YÖK), the graduates will have all kinds of rights granted to university graduates.

Can the students at METU NCC stay in Ankara and study at the main campus?

METU NCC students normally study in Cyprus. However, students can also take some of their courses in the Ankara Campus according to the conditions set by the University administration.

Are the educational standards at METU NCC lower than the ones in the Ankara Campus, as NCC is a private university?

The educational standards are the same in both campuses. Middle East Technical University has mobilized all its resources and 60 years of experience for the success of METU Northern Cyprus Campus. All the educational programs run at METU NCC are approved by the METU Senate . The faculty are recruited and promoted in accordance with the same criteria set forth by the METU Senate and Administrative Board. Middle East Technical University guarantees the quality of education in the Northern Cyprus Campus and grants an internationally recognized METU NCC diploma to its graduates.

Is the METU NCC diploma recognized by HEC (YÖK-Turkish Higher Education Council)?

The METU NCC diploma is recognized by HEC (YÖK) and is internationally valid.

Are there minor and double major programs at METU NCC?

For METU NCC minor programs please click


Double major programs are not available at the moment.

Are there student exchange programs at METU NCC?

Students at METU NCC can benefit from more than 250 students exchange agreements between METU and other universities as well as other student exchange programs such as Erasmus just like the students at the main campus in Ankara.

Are there summer school courses at METU NCC?

Summer school courses are offered depending on the demand and availability of staff and facilities. Students may attend courses at the main campus in Ankara if those courses are not offered at the Northern Cyprus Campus.

What opportunities are provided to students for practical training?

For the compulsory practical training periods in the engineering programs, students are helped to find appropriate training places.

Are there any projects to help students with their career planning at the Campus?

Students at the Campus can benefit from the services of Career Planning Center, which is located in the main campus.

F. Fees and Scholarships:

Will the students at METU Northern Cyprus Campus pay for tuition and accommodation?

In 2017-2018 Academic Year tuition fee for METU Northern Cyprus Campus students who are placed on a program without scholarship is as follows. Tuition fee of $9000 + 5% VAT shall be paid in two equal installments for Spring and Fall Semesters.

Students shall also cover transportation, accommodation, books-stationery expenditures and all other costs.

There may be annual increases in tuition fees in the following years; however, the increases will be limited with the TRNC Consumer Price Index (CPI) growth.

* Suny New Paltz students will pay New Paltz tuition when they go to the USA.

Why tuition fee at METU Northern Cyprus Campus is higher than in METU Ankara? Isn't METU a state university?

METU North Cyprus Campus is a state university with a special law and it’s establishments is based on an international agreement. METU NCC’s budget is supported by Turkish Republic and all attempts are made in order to keep the tuition fee half of the fees of the other universities in Turkey.

Are there opportunities for student in METU Northern Cyprus Campus to work while continuing their education?

Students can receive scholarships in return for serving as an assistant in the library, laboratories, computer labs, sports facilities, dorms, etc. Academic achievement as well as need of the student is considered to assign assistant-students. In addition, surrounding business owners may provide part-time jobs for METU NCC students within legal limits.

Are there opportunities for METU Northern Cyprus Campus students to receive scholarships?

Tuition Waiver Scholarship: Tuition waiver scholarships cover 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the tuition. You can apply for the tuition waiver scholarship by using the online application system. The applications will be evaluated by the international student admission committee. For detailed information about tuition waiver scholarship opportunities please click here and choose your country.

What other scholarships will be given to students other than tuition and dormitory scholarships at METU Northern Cyprus Campus?

Students can receive partial scholarships after the first year in their program according to their academic achievements.

* Merit Scholarship: To be eligible to receive the merit scholarship a student should satisfy all of the following conditions:

1- Should be among the top 5% of the total undergraduate students (excluding prep school students) registered to that particular program, based on CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) classification,

2- Should have successfully completed the first two semesters (freshmen year) of a program,

3- Should have a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 3.00/4.00 in the last two semesters,

4- Should have taken full academic load for the last two semesters,

5- Should have no FD, FF, NA, U or W grades in the last two semesters,

6- Should have not been subject to any disciplinary action.

In the cases where the total number of eligible students are less than 2, the number corresponding to the top 5% of the successful students not being an integer, or in cases where we have more than one student with the same CGPA , it is at Campus President’s discretion to determine the exact number of students to be granted the scholarship.

The Merit scholarship is divided into two categories:

1- Merit I :Those who satisfy the above mentioned conditions with a CGPA in the interval 4,00-3,75 will receive 650 TL/month, during Spring term (February, March, April and May) for scholarships of the preceding Fall term, and during Fall term (October, November, December and January) for scholarships of the preceding Spring term.

2- Merit II: Those who satisfy the above mentioned conditions with a CGPA in the interval 3,50-3,74 will receive 450 TL/month, with the rest being the same as Merit I.

* Student assistantship: There are also scholarship opportunities offered to students in return for working in the library, laboratories, IT, sports complex, dormitories etc. In order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, not only academic success but also the student’s financial conditions and disciplinary suitability are taken into consideration.

* Support Scholarship: On the condition that they are successful in their studies, students in need of temporary financial support, may apply to this scholarship (with evidence of their situation) which provides them with books, necessities etc. This support is subject to decision of the Scholarship and Support Fund of METU NCC.

Important note: None of these temporary support opportunities cover Tuition Fee, Dormitory Fee or other similar major expenses.

Scholarship opportunities by TRNC Government:

There may also be opportunities to receive the TRNC government scholarship for foreign students, once you join the METU NCC. For detailed information please get in touch with International Student Office (nccmetu.edu.tr)

Under what conditions does a student lose scholarship?

Tuition Waiver Scholarship covers maximum 1 Academic Year at English Language Preparatory Program and maximum 5 Academic Years for the undergraduate program. Scholarship will be suspended if student’s CGPA falls below 2.00 in any two consecutive semesters (This rule does not apply for the first three academic semesters in undergraduate programs) and will be re-granted once student’s CGPA is at least 2.00.

The scholarship of students who attend the English Preparatory Program for one year, and have a yearly total of 50.00 or above, or students who score minimum 50 in any one of the English Proficiency Exams they take continues for another year. In other words, they can repeat the English Preparatory Program under the same scholarship. However, a student must not fail due to absenteeism because such students will not have a yearly total as they have not completed a year at the English Preparatory Program. The only way such students can repeat the English Preparatory Program under a scholarship is score minimum 50 in the only English Proficiency Exam they can take, which is the exam administered in September.

Does a student with a scholarship pay the dormitory fee?

Students who have an education (tuition) scholarship must pay the dormitory fee and other expenditures themselves.


G. Details:

How can I get more information?

For more information about Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, please contact us through phone or e-mail:

Tel: +90 392 661 21 07 / 09/ 10

E-mail: ncc@metu.edu.tr