Language Education

The medium of education at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is English. Students who are successful in the English Proficiency Exam administered in September begin their courses as freshmen students. Students whose level of English is below proficiency level attend the English Preparatory Program so that they can pursue their undergraduate studies at our university without major difficulty. To achieve this aim, the program runs a two-semester intensive program placing emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Students are placed in four groups according to their levels of English and have 20, 25 or 30 class hours per week all through the academic year. To be a freshman, they are required not only to reach a certain level of yearly achievement but also to be successful in the English Proficiency Exam at the end of the year.

The English Preparatory Program also offers self-study and individual study opportunities to its students. With its computer and audio-visual facilities, the Self-Access Center, which is in the School of Foreign Languages building, provides the students with individual care from professionals and helps them improve their various language skills. In addition, services are also available on the Internet, thus, offering students several educational opportunities outside the class.

The table below gives some recognized international English proficiency examinations and their scores considered equivalent METU-EPE scores.

For undergraduate programs, the English proficiency of students who are nationals of English-speaking countries, or those who have attended and graduated from institutions of secondary education which nationals of those countries attend is evaluated by the SFL Administrative Board.

60 75 – 79 55 6.0 Minimum score required for exemption from the Department of Basic English Preparatory Classes in the Undergraduate Programs
70 86 – 94 65 7.0 Minimum scores required for exemption from the Department of Basic English Preparatory Classes in the Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, English Language Teaching Program