TRNC : International A Levels Qualifications: A minimum of an A level.

Admission Requirements :

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  • are a graduate or last year (senior year) student of an accredited secondary education institution (high school, lyceum or equivalent);
  • hold citizenship of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
  • satisfy the minimum score requirements of Cambridge International A Levels Qualifications: A minimum of one A level relevant to the program applied for.

Application for Conditional Acceptance:

METU NCC grants Conditional Acceptance for those students who like to apply before they set for the accepted exams and those who are waiting for their exam results given that they submit mock exam results testified by their schools. Students who have taken any of the accepted exams but are yet to complete their last grade in high school can also apply for conditional acceptance.

Internationally Available Examinations :

International AS and A Levels Qualifications: A minimum of an A level.

Required Documents & Online Application :

Please ensure that you have all the information and files ready for uploading, before you start your online application process

  • High School Diploma: A copy of a high school diploma in English or in Turkish.
  • Official Transcript : A copy of official  transcript and its translated copy (English or Turkish).
  • Exam Result : A copy of the exam result that is being used for application (Please see the “Acceptable Exam Results” section for details.)
  • Application Fee : Bank receipt document for 55 USD paid through METU Northern Cyprus Campus Online Payment System
    ( or Bank Transfer to (METU NCC, Turkey IS Bank – Kalkanli METU Branch 6822- 1875 / IBAN: TR 8700 0640 0000 2682 2000 1875 / Swift Code: ISBKTRISXXX)Note: payment reference number will be automaticaly provided by the on-line application system (for on-line application link check below).
    Note: The application fee is non-refundable.
    If you get accepted and choose to join one of the undergraduate programs, you will be asked at the time of the registration to provide official documents to support the information you have declared during the application process. You will not be allowed to register if you fail to submit the originals, attested by Ministry of Education and/or Turkish Embassy or if inconsistencies are identified in the information you have provided.

Evaluation and Results :

Candidates application documents will be evaluated by the relevant Admission Committee. Students accepted to a program will receive a Letter of Acceptance from METU.

Important note: Please note that it is at METU’s sole discretion to review and rank candidates, and to admit and place them within program quotas, space permitting. Meeting the application criteria does not guarantee admission to the programs.

Language Requirements :

At METU Northern Cyprus Campus the medium of instruction is English. Students must submit the result of an approved English proficiency examination in order to pursue the degree program they are accepted in. Students whose English proficiency is not at the level required by METU are placed in the one-year English Language Preparatory Program.

The minimum passing score of METU English Proficiency Examination (METU-EPE) is 60 for all METU undergraduate programs, except the Dual Diploma Programs with State University of New York (SUNY) campuses. METU-EPE is can be taken on campus and is held at the beginning and the end of the fall semester of each academic year at fixed dates that can be checked from the METU NCC academic calendar

The table below gives some recognized international English proficiency examinations and their scores considered equivalent METU-EPE scores.

75 – 79
Minimum score required for exemption from the Department of Basic English Preparatory Classes in the Undergraduate Programs
86 – 94
Minimum scores required for exemption from the Department of Basic English Preparatory Classes in the Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, English Language Teaching Program


Online application :

Spring 2018

Application for Spring 2018 is now open.

Application deadline: 5 January 2018.

Please click for online application form.

Scholarship Opportunities for Internationally Available Examinations :

Applicants with the given score ranges in the corresponding examination shown below will be considered for tuition fee discount scholarships:

International AS and A Levels Qualisications:

25%: Applicants with a minimum of BBB in 3 A Levels, two of which shall be relevant to the program applied for.

50%:  Applicants with a minimum of ABB in 3 A Levels, two of which shall be relevant to the program applied for.

75%: Tuition waiver will be awarded to exceptionally successful applicants.

100%: Tuition waiver will be awarded to exceptionally successful applicants.

Note: A- level tariff rates: A*=140, A=120; B=100, C=80. AS-Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) may be considered in lieu of nonessential A-level with half tariff rates.

These scholarships are limited in number and thus competitive.