The Social and Cultural Affairs Office accommodates 46 Student Clubs & Societies. Since we assume that the accomplishments of our students in social, cultural and sports activities as well as their academic performance will influence their lives positively in the future; our office supports the foundation of student societies and their activities.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, approximately 400 organizations including concerts, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, conventions, seminars, plays and excursions were held by the student associations.

Furthermore, in the 2015-2016 Academic Year, many activities such as the 10th METU NCC Theater Festival, 8th International Food Festival, 10th METU NCC Horror Night, 6th Performing Arts Festival, International Nights and Alumni on Campus 3 were performed successfully by the student associations.

Student Clubs & Societies:

  1. Atatürk’s Thought Club
  2. Aviation and Aerospace Society
  3. Career and Business Club
  4. Change and Social Awareness Society
  5. Cinema Club
  6. Civil and Construction Society
  7. Community Volunteers Club
  8. Computer Society
  9. Critical Thinking Club
  10. Culture, Literature and Thought Club
  11. Cyprus Culture Club
  12. Energy Society
  13. Fantastic Fiction Society
  14. Fine Arts Club
  15. Folklore Club
  16. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Student Society
  17. International Students Association
  18. International Youth Club
  19. Media and Debate Society
  20. METU NCC Kitchen Club
  21. Mockup Club
  22. Model United Nations Society
  23. Music Club
  24. Musical Club
  25. Neuroscience Society
  26. Photography Club
  27. Political Thought Club
  28. Processing Society
  29. Psychology Society
  30. Radio Society
  31. Science and Education Society
  32. Socialist Thought Clubs
  33. Society of Computer Education and Instruction Technology
  34. Society of Guidance and Psychological Counseling
  35. Society of Mediterranean Researches
  36. Society of Modern Thought
  37. Society of Personal Development
  38. Society of Petroleum Engineers
  39. Technical Assistance Society
  40. Theater Club
  41. Turkish – German Communication Club
  42. Turkish – Japanese Communication Club
  43. Turkish and History Society
  44. Turkish Classical Music Society
  45. Women In Business Club
  46. Young Entrepreneurs Club



How can I join a student association?


In order to attend associations’ activities superintended by the academic adviser and supervised via the decisions made by the executive board of member students, one should apply to the societies or Social and Cultural Affairs and fill out a membership form.


Exhibition and Activity Centers


  1. Culture and Convention Center: The Culture and Convention Center (CCC) provides a venue for social, cultural and academic activities serving the METU NCC community as well as the local community. Having an aesthetically and functionally perfect architecture and infrastructure, the CCC houses four state-of-the-art amphitheaters with 522, 210 and 109 seating capacities. Furthermore, with a total of 5791 m2 of meeting space, CCC accommodates 7 seminar rooms (four with 20 seats, three with 60 seats), one smart class, five simultaneous translation rooms, a small and a big hall, café, canteen and a lobby. You can follow the activities held, in the Culture and Convention Center at


  1. Art Studio: The art studio was established in the spring of 2007 to provide METU NCC students with the opportunity to express their creativity and skills and to contribute to their social development. The art studio allows participants to express themselves through art by using all kinds of visual materials in a workshop environment.


  1. Photo Studio: Photography Club has designed their society room like a photo studio and has been offering various services for four years on campus. Many types of equipment are used by Photography Club in the photo studio. All members of association can use the studio under the supervision of an experienced member.


  1. Music Studio: The music studio was established for the students who are members of the Music Club. There are many types of equipment in the studio. It is located on the ground floor of the CCC. You need to apply to Social and Cultural Affairs Office to use the studio.


  1. Society Rooms: The society rooms are located on the upper floor of the shopping center.




Radio METU Northern Cyprus Studios:


Radio ODTÜ Northern Cyprus Studios, the extension of Radio ODTÜ Ankara, broadcasts on 103.1 and over the internet at